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Nov.11 2021

Lovot, the robot that conveys love, CES Best Robot Award in 2019

Lovot, the robot that conveys love, was developed by Tokyo Groove X.
It will be sold in Japan in 2019.

LOVOT was developed by the Tokyo start-up GROOVE X.
It is a very realistic and highly complex mobile robot that can navigate in the environment, recognize people and request hugs.
The look of LOVOT mixes penguins, owls and cute teddy bears, which is very eye-catching.
When you pick it up, LOVOT feels warm to the touch, just like a living thing.
If you hold LOVOT in your arms and shake it, it will close its eyes and go to sleep.
Robots can help meet the emotional needs of lonely people.
It shined at this year's CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, was shortlisted for Engadget's best CES list and won the Verge 2019 CES Best Robot Award.