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Vision— Promotion Schedule of the Ten-Year Plan
This project is centered around the professional field of AI robotics. The three-year plan implementation is based on PBL courses, professional courses, projects, international collaboration and practical trainings. It is divided into the following stages— Initiation Stage, Foundation Stage and Development Stage. The three stages will take three years to implement to cultivate international robotics professionals. The details are listed below:
  • First Year (Initiation Stage)
    The plan shall be implemented by research teams consisting of professors and students from Yuntech and its collaboration partners. At Yuntech, students are trained to become professionals through PBL courses, Calculus courses and professional programs. In terms of boosting international collaboration and exchange, Yuntech’s plans include exchange visits of students and teachers across different labs/center/programs, collaboratively teach the same course and give guidance to students, credit transfer and accumulation between the two institutes, joint dual-degree, and collectively hold international workshops.
  • Second Year (Foundation Stage)
    Use PBL topics, graduation topics, internships, and mutual learning to allow teachers and students to cross-border and communicate with each other, jointly promote the cultivation of smart robots, and develop smart medical care technologies and applications; at the same time, through cross-domain, cross-team, and cross-border Cooperation and other methods, and actively connect medical groups and community people, try innovative practical actions and talent cultivation of smart medical care, in order to respond to the problems encountered by our aging society.
  • Third Year (Development Stage)
    Combining the results of cross-domain, cross-team, and cross-border cooperation, and selecting appropriate actual fields or communities, practice and evaluate innovative solutions for the application of smart robots in medical care, in response to the human demand for medical care in my country's aging society, and Improve the quality of medical care.
This three-year plan provides the foundation for YunTech's development of the International Smart Robot Academy; after the plan is over, the school will combine the established courses, robotics, industry-university and international cooperation alliances, and continue to deepen and sustainable development as the goal to nurture International intelligent robot talents; and developed into the International Intelligent Robot Academy. YunTech will gradually adjust the assessment results within three years, and will adjust the assessment targets in accordance with the implementation process in the future. In addition, the development focus of each field of curriculum and each period.